Export business process of international cargo transportation

The export business process of international cargo transportation refers to the entire process of transportation organization, control and management of cargo flow and information flow from the time the consignor entrusts the transportation of the goods to the air carrier loading the goods on the plane.
Generally, the shipper entrusts an air transport agent to transport or directly entrusts the airline to transport in two ways. Therefore, the export business process of international cargo transportation includes two links: the air cargo export transportation agency business procedure and the airline’s outbound cargo business operation procedure.
①Air cargo export transportation agency business procedures
The air cargo export transportation agency business procedure consists of the following links: accepting the consignor’s entrusted transportation; reviewing documents; receiving goods; filling in the waybill; attaching labels; board; signing, handing over and shipping; flight tracking information service; fee settlement.
Airlines arrange flights and cabins according to actual conditions. The principles of airline space sales:
(1) Guarantee cargo with a fixed space quota;
(2) Guarantee space for mail and express mail;
(3) Give priority to booking space for goods with higher freight rates; (4) Reserve certain space for scattered goods;
(5) For unbooked goods, the shipping space will be arranged in the order of delivery time.
After the booking, the airline will issue a space confirmation (manifest) and at the same time give the loading container a receipt to indicate that the space is booked.

②Operating procedures for airlines’ outbound cargo
The operating procedure of the airline’s outbound cargo refers to the entire business operation process from the agent handing over the cargo to the airline until the cargo is loaded on the plane. The operating procedures of the airline’s outbound cargo are divided into the following main links:
(1) Pre-examination of CBA (Cargo Booking Advance), CBA is the international cargo booking form.
(2) Organize the cargo documents, mainly including the documents in three aspects: the bulk cargo that has been put into storage, the cargo received and transported on site, and the bulk cargo in transit.
(3) The goods are weighed and put into storage.
(4) Cargo departure. For the link of cargo departure, focus on the business of making manifests and transshipment manifests. ①Cargo Manifest: Cargo Manifest is a list of transport documents for goods and mail loaded on each aircraft; it is an attachment to the general declaration of each flight; it is to declare the cargo carried by the aircraft to the customs of the country of departure and entry It is also one of the important documents for the settlement of air freight between carriers. ②Cargo Transfer Manifest (CTM): The cargo transfer manifest is filled out by the delivery carrier and is an important transport document for the delivery of goods between the delivery carrier and the delivery carrier; it is also the carrier’s One of the important documents for settlement of air freight between.

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