Door-to-door pickup service

1. Domestic express collection
2. Manufacturer sent to our warehouse

Service guarantee transportation and fast delivery
2.track trace service

Customer service answer
2.Choose a logistics solution to improve cost performance

Value-added services

1.Free supply of packaging  materials

International Express

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Air Freight

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Door to Door Shipping

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China-Hong Kong Logistics

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Rail Shipping

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Why Choose

Air Freight

Contain Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen airlines fixed space, package board package quantity.

Express Service

First level agent DHL, UPS, FedEx high-quality accounts, with guaranteed timely service.

Amazon FBA

COSCO/EMC/Matson shipping,Professional FBA shipping, transfer to Amazon warehouses such as US FBA, German FBA, and UK FBA.

China-Hong Kong Logistics

The logistics transportation from the mainland to Hong Kong is efficient, convenient and affordable.

China-Europe Railway

First-hand banker, self-loading cabinet, strength clearance, stable timeliness.


Features Products

We insist on thinking from the perspective of customers, and impress customers with professionalism and strength.

If you have any transport demand, welcome your consultation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly or let your factory/partner/agency communicate with me


What Our Clients Say

We firmly believe that every cooperation conveys the trust of customers. We work hard and perfect to help customers find high-quality and suitable logistics solutions.


Average Customer Rating

My goods were delivered on time with all my needs and questions fulfilled. Excellent service and communication throughout. Very helpful.
John Kim
Amazing and professional shipping service all items were consolidated and arrived intact. Will definitely use again.

Elton Don
I used the sample service with Zoe and am satisfied. Uncomplicated agreement with and execution at a good price.

Russel Drou
Shenzhen worldcom bada international freight agency co., LTD
is a Class A forwarding company approved by CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China ), Ministry of Communication and Customs Head Office.
We are experts in a full range of professional services such as int’l air freight, ocean freight, express, warehouse, etc. We establish good relationship with respective famous airlines, shipping company, custom, security check that we can fly the air cargoes ‘fastly, safely, efficiently’.
Moreover, We have been in this business for years .With the advantages of numerous professional and specialized highly qualified talents, which allows us to provide our customers all-round logistics services with high quality and reasonable price.