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About Us

Shenzhen worldcom bada international freight agency co., LTD is a Class A forwarding company approved by CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China ), Ministry of Communication and Customs Head Office.

We are experts in a full range of professional services such as int’l air freight, ocean freight, express, warehouse, etc. We establish good relationship with respective famous airlines, shipping company, custom, security check that we can fly the air cargoes ‘fastly, safely, efficiently’.

Moreover, We have been in this business for years .With the advantages of numerous professional and specialized highly qualified talents, which allows us to provide our customers all-round logistics services with high quality and reasonable price.

Our Network

Worldcom Bada International Logistics’ vast network covers over 300 ports in more than 120 countries, giving you a fast, reliable and regular connection to all corners of the globe.

Headquarter: Shenzhen,China Great China: Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing Southeast Asia: Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia

Main Services

  • 一 FBA amazon shipping service
  • 一 Door to door delivery
  • 一 Sea freight
  • 一 Air freight
  • 一 Warehousing
  • 一 Stuffing,unstuffing,Packing,re-packing
  • 一 Acting for commodity inspection,fumigation
  • 一 Customs clearance,Insurance and Documentation
  • 一 Inquiring and consulting

Main Markets

Trans-pacific: USA, Canada, Mexico
Mediterranean and Black Sea
Middle-east and Red Sea
Oceania and Intra-Asia
And more…

customer service
Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly or let your factory/partner/agency communicate with me at anytime, I will give you the best rate with best service.