What is US FBA and how does FBA work?

What is FBA?

FBA, full name Fulfillment by Amazon, is a logistics service provided by Amazon. Through FBA, merchants can store goods in Amazon warehouses, and Amazon is responsible for processing orders, packaging goods, shipping and after-sales service. Merchants only need to send the goods to Amazon’s warehouse to enjoy a series of logistics services, which can greatly simplify the operation process of merchants.

What are the advantages of US FBA?

Competitive advantage

FBA in the United States is one of the most popular FBA services on the Amazon platform. Almost all customers can enjoy the high-quality services provided by FBA, including ultra-fast delivery, professional after-sales service, worry-free return and exchange, etc. The top-ranking products on the Amazon platform are often products that enjoy FBA services, so choosing US FBA can bring more exposure and sales opportunities for your products.

Fast Shipping

Amazon has always had high requirements for logistics speed, and FBA can guarantee fast and reliable delivery services. Through FBA, Amazon will store the goods in warehouses in various regions, and automatically assign the nearest warehouse for delivery according to the address of the customer’s order, thereby shortening the logistics timeliness, speeding up the delivery of goods, and improving customer satisfaction.

Professional after-sales service

Using FBA in the United States, merchants can store goods in Amazon warehouses, and Amazon will handle after-sales service. Amazon provides professional after-sales services, including returns, exchanges, repairs, etc., which can provide customers with a better consumer experience and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, FBA also provides an active return service, which automatically returns orders that cannot be delivered to the merchant to avoid losses for the merchant.

Simplify the operation process

Utilizing the US FBA service, merchants do not need to spend too much time and energy processing orders, packaging products, express delivery and many other processes. They only need to store the products in the Amazon warehouse, and let Amazon take care of all the follow-up work to realize the smoothness of the process. Simplified and efficient.

How to activate FBA?

As a seller, how to open FBA service? Here are some easy steps:

Log in to Amazon Seller Central and go to “My Account”.

Select “Fulfillment by Amazon” and click “Get Started”.

Register an FBA account and enter the credit card information and the fee to become an FBA member.

Create and upload product catalog to store.

Identify and process inventory and other order records, such as updating prices and handling after-sales matters, etc.

It should be noted that FBA service needs to pay a certain fee, and the specific fee depends on the volume, weight, storage time and other conditions of the product. Therefore, before opening the FBA service, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the size of the product and sales expectations, and negotiate a reasonable fee with the Amazon platform.

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